Viking Pools & Spas

A pool is more than a body of water, it’s an extension of your home

We are proud to be certified dealers of Viking Pools in St George, UT and surrounding areas. As the largest manufacturer of inground fiberglass swimming pools in North America, Viking has produced more colored fiberglass composite pools and spas than all other US manufacturers combined. Enjoy peace of mind in your backyard knowing that your pool install was done with the utmost quality and that it is backed by the industry leading limited lifetime structure and surface warranty! For more information on pool and spa installation, design or maintenance, contact Paradise Design today.

Our Viking Shell: The Difference Is In Our Shell

Our Viking Shell manufacturing process is completed with the highest quality of materials and service.

1.Prepare The Mold High Quality Finish

Step 1: The mold is prepared for quality, which ensures that your pool is perfect.

2. Finish Added Which Has A 20 Year Warranty

Step 2: The chosen finish (either gel-coat, crystite or diamond) is applied to the shell.

3. Vinyl Resin Added

Step 3: Vinyl ester resin is added for greater impact resistance. This provides optimum blister protecting and a beautiful profile.

4. Additional Vinyl Resin Added Hand Laid Fiberglass

Step 4: Fiberglass is hand-laid and placed strategically for extra strength and durability.

5. Ceramic Core

Step 5: Our exclusive ceramic core adds even greater strength to the pool wall, enhances water resistance and acts as a heat barrier.

6. Additional Hand Laid Fiberglass Layer

Step 6: Additional fiberglass is hand-laid across the pool and adds an important corrosion barrier, enhances durability and provides additional strength.

7. Additional Strength Support Beams Added

Step 7: Supports are added to the shell for safety in shipping and proper installation purposes.

8. Pool Shell Complete

Step 8: Your pool shell is complete!

9. Any Custom Details Are Added To The Shell

Step 9: Any requested custom details are added to the shell.

10. Pool Is Loaded Ready For Delivery

Step 10: Your pool is ready for transport.

11. Paradise Design Pool Transport

Step 11: Paradise Design hauls your pool (16 x 35 and under) to save you on shipping. Viking Pools offers shipping on anything larger.

12. Pool Shells In Yard

Step 12: Pool shells have arrived.

Our Viking Pool installation process is completed with the highest quality of service.

1. Pool Layout

Step 1: Pool Layout - We will meet with you on your specific pool layout.

2. Hole Carefully Prepared

Step 2: The Dig – The hole is carefully prepared to the exact necessary depth and measurement.  The hole is then surfaced. A laser is used to ensure accuracy at every phase.

3. Pool Is Set

Step 3: Pool Set - Your pool is set! Once again, a laser is used to ensure the pool is level.

4. Backfill Process

Step 4: Backfill Process – Your pool is filled with water during the backfill process, which ensures proper settling and placement.  We hand backfill - meticulously and properly compacting the dirt around your pool.  A temporary fence is provided if needed for safety as your pool is installed.

5. Plumbing Process 5a. Spa Plumbing Backfill Process

Step 5: Plumbing – Next, your pool is plumbed.  The 1st city inspection of plumbing will be completed during this step.

6. Backfill Process

Step 6: The backfill process is completed up to grade. The ground for the pool deck is prepared and surfaced.

7. Rebar Grid Installed

Step 7: The rebar grid is installed and the 2nd city inspection of pre-decking is completed.

8. Prep For Concrete

Step 8: Prep for Concrete – Your pool site is prepped for the concrete pour.

9. Drain Clean

Step 9: Drain & Clean - Due to our meticulous installation process, a professional may safely drain and clean our Viking Fiberglass shells.  Every pool install is cleaned of any dirt from the installation, leaving you fresh and beautiful pool water.

10 Equipment Set

Step 10: Equipment Set – The equipment is set and the pool is circulating.  Basic start-up chemicals are added.

11 Pool Orientation 11a. Pool Orientation

Step 11: Orientation - Our experts give you step-by-step guidance on any pool ownership questions.  We keep this process fun and simple.  You are now ready to swim!